Remedies for the Spirit

Needed Elsewhere


Sometimes we’re needed elsewhere and we’re asked to make a shift.

           The transition may be painful, but in time we’ll know its gift.


We all have certain talents and we all have certain strengths.

           If the universe calls out to us, we’ll go to any lengths.


Our spirits will respond though we may not understand.

           Our souls will do whatever it takes to lend a helping hand.


We each have a uniqueness, our blend of love and heart.

           No other can replace us, fill in, or play our part.


No other can accomplish what we each are asked to do.

           No other has our special touch, our skills, or point of view.


It’s as if we’re all on call and we vowed to volunteer

           If ever we were needed to make changes far or near.


If ever we were needed to make changes big or small;

           If ever we were needed to accelerate or stall.


So when we’re asked to move, it’s important that we know

           We’ve been chosen for a reason and it’s essential that we go.


Whatever is requested, we are blessed to serve and aid,

           Remembering our worth and a special vow we made.



                       - Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996, 2007