Remedies for the Spirit

My Magic Day


I wonder when the day will arrive when my pain will come to an end.

        I suspect it will be around the time I allow my soul to ascend.


 Still affected by my past, still worrying about tomorrow,

        I yearn to live in today and rid myself of sorrow.


 It's much harder than I thought.  God, please answer me how.

        "There's nothing like pain, to keep you in the now."


For only in the now, will your fears begin to cease;

        For only in the now, can you find true inner peace.


I challenge myself to grow.  So, please, your hurdles send.

        The pain is not my enemy; the pain is but my friend.


I must take it day by day.  I must continue to endure,

        Being grateful for the time, regardless of the cure.


Please grant me all I need, the strength to see me through.

        I know it's in the “being”, and not in what I do.


Thank you for this gift, as I permit myself to cry.

        From sadness or from joy, I don't always know the “why”.


Pain has a purpose, our natural beings feed it.

        It will be our closest ally, until we no longer need it.


It shows up in many forms, and it leaves when its job is done.

        It may be obvious as rain, or fool you as the sun.


I know the time will come when my pain will start to fade;

        For it has other jobs to do, and other souls to aid.


It really doesn't matter, if it's before or after my death,

        Because my magic day is here, every day I take a breath.



                                 - Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996, 2007