Remedies for the Spirit

Moving Forward


Whenever we move forward, we leave something in our wake.

        We may be glad to see it go or it may cause our hearts to ache.


 If love is ever involved, be it person, place, or thing,

         We will fight and stand our ground, caring not what change might bring.


 “I’m quite happy where I am, but thank you just the same.

          I’m not ready to say good-bye,” or so our spirits claim.


 We’re convinced we still have “business” here.  We hold on and resist.

         We can bargain and plead for a little while, but soon God must insist.


Sometimes we tend to forget -- love’s never left behind.

        It’s stored in our eternal reservoirs, part of spirit, body, and mind.


Change is growth and growth brings chance for more love to come our way.

        If life is love and love is life, then you know we just can’t stay.


 Bless the opportunities, the ones you have loved so much.

         Thank them for your development, then release them from your clutch.


God knows what He’s doing, though it may feel like the end.

        Other loves await you on your new road around the bend.



                                  - Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996, 2007