Remedies for the Spirit

Devoted Angels


In Heaven, they are waiting.  Too many to list or number -

            Deeply devoted angels, who wish to awaken our slumber.


They yearn to put their wings to work.  They’re waiting to begin,

            To help us make our dreams come true, that hibernate within.


They’ve often tried to wake us.  They’ve always been close by.

             So many times they have whispered, “Fear not.  Believe.  Just try.”


In Heaven, they are waiting.  Too many to tally or toll -

            Deeply devoted angels, assigned to a heavenly role.


They wait for our hearts to open, wider than ever before.

            They wait for that commitment, to gain consciousness and soar.


They wait with celestial patience.  They’ll know when the time is right.

            The bells will ring and the doves will sing songs of pure delight.


In Heaven, they are waiting.  Too many to count or name -

            Deeply devoted angels, whose dreams are but the same.


Our desires are their desires.  Our hearts’ content their own.

            They want us to know they’re there for us and that we are not alone.


They wait to take us “under their wings” and guide us from above.

            They wait for our souls to remember all we are capable of.



                                           - Lisa Murphy Taylor © 1996, 2007