Remedies for the Spirit




Thanks To:

God for all the support, known and unknown

Lisa Bachelder for card images

Thom Romelli for designing the Poemeopathy logo (

Tony Taylor for editing poems and publishing website

Zen Taylor for web design

Jet Taylor for creating YouTube channel

The following books and authors have helped to inspire my poetry.  There have been many more but these particular few stand out.  I am grateful to them all for sharing their truth and thus giving my own soul the opportunity to recognize and create my own truth.

A Boring Evening at Home-Gerda Weissmann Klein
A Promise is a Promise-Wayne W. Dyer
Anatomy of the Spirit-Caroline Myss
Backwards-Nanci L. Danison
Embraced by the Light-Betty J. Eadie
Far Journeys-Bob Monroe
Hello from Heaven-Bill and Judy Guggenheim
Journey Out of the Body-Bob Monroe
Love Without End-Glenda Green
Manifesting Michelangelo-Joseph Pierce Farrell
Psycho-Pictography-Vernon Howard
Saved by the Light-Dannion Brinkley
Ultimate Journey-Bob Monroe
Whispers of the Spirit-Ann Albers
Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom-Christiane Northrup
Your Best Life Now-Joel Osteen