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What Is Poemeopathy?

If you see any poetry on this website that you would like to send in a card, please visit TwoLisa'sGiving at The cards are hand-crafted by Lisa Bachelder and, generally speaking, are all one of a kind. TwoLisa'sGiving is supporting two local charities with the sales of these cards: The League for Animal Welfare ( and Avon Miami Charities (

We (Two Lisa’s Giving) partner with non-profit organizations by creating cards specifically tailored to supporting and forwarding their message. We create cards so that the organization can sell them at no extra cost to itself and receive half the profits to put toward its cause.  If you belong to a non-profit organization and are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at

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The name, 'Poemeopathy' (poh-mee-OPP-uh-thee), is a play on the word, 'homeopathy', which involves remedies for the physical body. Poemeopathy is a collection of short, rhyming, easy to understand poem remedies meant to comfort and support the spirit. The poems are intended to tap into the reader's own sense of hope and familiar awareness.

I like to write about God’s unconditional love in a lot of my poetry.  I use the word ‘God’ because that is what I was taught and that is what feels comfortable to me.  I believe we are all part of the divine whole and that we all come from the same place.  It doesn’t make a difference to me what word each individual uses to describe the higher power from where we all originate.  If the word ‘God’ does not feel true to your spirit then please feel free to substitute it with a word that does.  Each soul has a unique perspective.  If words like Source, Love, Jesus, Buddha, etc. feel more comfortable then use those words instead.  In my opinion, it’s a matter of semantics and it’s all the same.


Please feel free to print out any desired poem for personal use but not for profit. Thank you.


Please check back as my intention is to post new poems on a regular basis.




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